Must-Know Tips To Buy Health Insurance

Must-Know Tips To Buy Health Insurance || NeoDrafts

  • Author : Jasmine
  • Published : August 12, 2020

Must-Know Tips To Buy Health Insurance

Must-Know Tips To Buy Health Insurance. The most significant wealth is our health— so why not spend a small fraction of your earnings to buy Health Insurance and ensure proper health care? There has been a consistent rise in healthcare costs, so it is vital to plan well in advance for the cost of treatments and hospitalization.

Why buy Health Insurance Online?

Protect you and your family with an affordable insurance plan. As everything is getting digitized, people now prefer to buy insurance policies online. It saves a lot of time and effort. The benefit of purchasing health insurance online is twofold— the application process is fast and easy, and you get to compare and choose & make an informed decision. It is difficult for the majority of the population to pay upfront in case of medical emergencies or health ailments. A visit to the doctor can burn a hole in our pocket. So, health coverage plans are a way to reduce the financial burden and risks substantially.

Must-Know Tips To Buy Health Insurance

Many websites are circling the internet that offers health insurance policies from different insurance companies. Your Insurance Buddy is one such platform that has tie-ups with the top-notch insurance providers.

But before you decide to buy particular health insurance, you should consider specific parameters. This article will cover all those key policy parameters that make health insurance worth trusting your life on.

Must-Know Tips To Buy Health Insurance

  • Age Eligibility: Every policy has age criteria that must be fulfilled. There are health insurances available for all age groups based on their needs, so buy the one that fits your age.
  • Cashless Hospitalization: It is essential to know if the policy you have chosen offers cashless hospitalization. If yes, then you won’t have to pay after the discharge and the appointed TPA will take care of it.
  • Sum Assured: The sum assured is the extent of the cover-up, up to which the policy benefits are provided. It is essential to know the sum assured of a particular Health Care policy.
  • Life-Long Renewal: You need to check the document of the policy or consult the adviser for the renewal when the system nears expiry.
  • No Claim Bonus: Ensure if you will be provided bonus, in the case when you don’t claim anything from the policy for a very long time. Most of the insurers offer this bonus in the form of an addition to the sum insured.

Buy the best Health Policy at Your Insurance Buddy

Your Insurance Buddy aims at making the experience of buying insurance less tedious. Of course, navigating different websites, jotting down the list of all the factors each insurance provides can be tiresome. To avoid all that confusion and stress, Your Insurance Buddy has a comprehensive list of insurance providers. It is an insurance marketplace for all your insurance needs.

Must-Know Tips To Buy Health Insurance

The principle works upon is, “what is the easiest way from point A(no insurance) to point B(insured)? And makes the process of buying a Health Insurance as easy as 1-2-3:

  • Enter Zip Code: Enter your Zip Code to find the best health insurance offers near you.
  • Get Quote: Get quotes from several different companies providing health insurances according to your needs.
  • Compare and Choose: Compare the various health insurances and their quotes to choose the best for you.

After you have chosen health insurance, you can talk to a licensed insurance adviser on the company’s toll-free number. So, in short, Your Health Buddy enables you to find a comprehensive health insurance policy in less than two minutes. Compare and choose the perfect plan today!

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