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Which Yoga Pants Brands Should I Look Out for in 2023? || NeoDrafts

  • Author : Jasmine
  • Published : January 28, 2021

Which Yoga Pants Brands Should I Look Out for in 2023? || NeoDrafts

While getting into holistic yoga sessions, you might ask yourself, “Which yoga pants brands should I look out for in 2021?” The answer might surprise you, as you may have to choose from a vast array of professional yoga pants. 

If your sweatpants or leggings have been done to death and you want to upgrade your go-to-gear it’s time you look for the best yoga pants. Yoga pants require complete versatility in terms of design. It needs to be sturdy for support, stretchy for postures, and sweat-proof for comfort. All in all, it requires the best craftsmanship to support your daily yoga sessions. A multitude of brands can offer leggings that fit these criteria. Hence, today let us look into the plethora of choices you have for the best yoga pants brands.

Pru Apparel

The Pru Apparel Power moves about “power” and passion for life. It is a business under indigenous and black communities, bringing forward vibrant African prints to your wardrobe. Their collection includes a soft, silky polyester and spandex combo, best for all kinds of yoga practices. Moreover, the brand acknowledges empowerment movements. 

Girlfriend Collective 

When you opt for the compressive high-rise leggings from Girlfriend Collective, you choose ethically recycled and comfortable yoga-wear. They are soft, breathable, and feel like a second skin. Moreover, you can also opt for sizes up to 6X! Girlfriend Collective makes sure to provide high-waisted and stretchable leggings that can stay durable for many years to come! You can find these in an array of beautiful colours. Additionally, comfortable sports bras and essential scrunchies are a big hit here at Girlfriend Collective. 

Which Yoga Pants Brands Should I Look Out for in 2023?


If you have a group of yoga class friends, you have had Lululemon mentioned at least once. Their versatile yoga leggings are the most popular for their extremely soft fabric that can drape over the skin without tightening around. The best part about Lululemon leggings is how it is so comfortable that you might wear it around even after your practice sessions. They are fit for daily wear and are an affordable choice.

Free People Movement

Pro tip: Always go for the Black Diamond leggings from the Free People Movement for their unparalleled soft and fitting fabric. With the FP Movement, you can get yourself a colour for every look. Additionally, these are waist-high leggings with a 0-bunching area. Hence, FP Movement is all about cool Yoga wear designs, with comfortable fittings all the way. 


If you are all about leggings that stand for comfort, Alo’s high-waist sweatpants leggings are all for you. These are lounge-wear style, helping you stay comfortable and flexible all the way. The Alo leggings are all about keeping your concentration on the yoga sessions than your pants rolling down. These are supreme wear-and-tear free leggings, for women who love to feel at home while yoga practices. 

Venus Williams Eleven

Eleven, by the Tennis Goddess Venus Williams, is an activewear brand popular for its Smooth Leggings. They are comfortable, versatile, and are a heavenly match for women who love fitness. They are smooth, stretchable, and perfectly aligned with all types of bodies. These leggings are for women who can achieve it all through sheer, hard practice. 

Yoga Pants Brands: Why are They Important?

Well-known yoga pants brands are crucial for you to know so that you purchase products that last are sustainable and durable. Yoga is a fitness regime that you need to practice daily for optimum health and wellness. Hence make sure to purchase from brands that you trust and can fall back to always. 

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