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  • Author : Jasmine
  • Published : August 06, 2020

Why Are Grants And Financial Aid Important For Students?

Higher education remains a vital context and is the stepping stone to your future. Our career path and future depends on our education majors. But funding that education has increasingly become difficult with increasing tuition fees and college expenditures. Regardless of whether you succeed in finding the right college, the high tuition fees put an additional burden on students.

Some statistics say that if you’re within the top 50-75% of graduates of your class, only then may the benefits of a college degree, outweigh the risks. Given that, specific questions are being raised. One of them being: first, find the right college.

How to Find the Right Program and College?

How to find the right college is a valid question, the answer to which is complicated. It depends on a lot of variables.

  1. It is wise to decide the career path. Most of us have to decide on the college we want to pursue our education from. Choosing between Ivy League Colleges or other premier institutes is always a tough call to make. The most influential factor in answering this question lies in the tuition cost and the amount of student loan debt that you may have to incur.
  2. To illustrate, take for example, whether you want to work at a non-profit or for a corporate firm. While both careers may seem unusual, the pay gap will affect your ability to pay off your debt. Similarly, the difference between the type of college you go to will also affect the tuition fee.
  3. Factors such as the societal value of a degree, i.e., the perception of people towards a degree holder, although a personal element, has a considerable difference. Some people do consider the brand value of a particular college as a factor in their choice of college. This makes the process of finding the right college even more difficult.
  4. Some argue that skills are what matter more than a degree. It is true. However, when applying for a job, an employer is most likely to take into account where you completed your education and what rank you attained.
  5. Another factor that can and should be considered are education grants, scholarships, and financial aid. Most colleges and universities offer college financial aid for higher education.

Importance of Financial Aid and Grants

College financial aid is important as it helps students and their families by covering higher education costs. Some statistics show that their parents contribute around 30% of the fee for a student’s higher education. Financial Aid reduces that burden on the family as well.

Despite its evident benefits, applying for Financial Aid can be burdensome. That is where Education Grant will prove helpful to aspiring college students in deciding the college fit for them based on the eligibility criteria of securing a college grant,

Education Grant is a free platform that helps you in finding the right college. It shows your prospective colleges based on numerous factors. Starting at your current education, desired education, and graduating year, it narrows down your choices by asking whether you’d like to pursue a degree online or at a campus.

It also helps you with figuring out your financial aid eligibility. Factors such as US citizenship, association with the military, and more are taken into consideration to provide you with financial aid eligibility. While the website does have criteria for choosing details about eligibility for financial ability, the applicability of the same may defer in different practical situations.

So, to conclude, EducationGrant is a recommended online platform for finding the right college or online degree to pursue your higher education, taking into consideration your finances and eligibility for financial Aid.

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