Why are so many rockets rushing blasting off to Mars?

Why are so many rockets rushing blasting off to Mars? || NeoDrafts

  • Author : Victor
  • Published : August 06, 2020

Why are so many rockets rushing blasting off to Mars?

Since the past few years, several rockets have been rushing off to the fourth planet of our Solar System—Mars. Mars could be our new home besides Earth. Scientists and researchers believe that the planet holds answers to many of our questions related to the possibility of life outside of Earth.

For about eight years now, Space Authorities and other regulatory bodies have been driving a nuclear-powered robot the size of a car on the surface of Mars. With a lot of failed and expired missions, NASA’s Curiosity rover is still operating its post on the red planet.

Three new rockets— NASA Rover, Perseverance by the US was sent to the MARS in July as a part of the robotic exploration program.

China’s first rover with a host of other gear and UAE’s probe are second and third rockets to fly off respectively. The inquiry will be sent to the martian orbit to measure the atmosphere and is a part of Middle East’s first interplanetary mission.

Finding life beyond the realms of Earth will prove to be one of the most significant discoveries by humans to date. It will help in unravelling the secrets and unknown facts about the entire Universe. With the heated space race, ambitions have now shifted to MARS from the Moon.

But why this rush for Mars, that too during a pandemic? Planning a trip to a celestial body millions of Kilometers away and making it successful is a task of manoeuvre.

Mars takes nearly twice as long as Earth to complete its orbit around the Sun, which makes the two planets rarely lie in the same corner of the solar system for long.

But the planets align at their closest point every two years or so, with the nearest location 57 kilometres apart, and the farthest being 200 million kilometres.

Of course, with the complexities involved, setting foot on MARS is not the same as setting foot on the Moon, even if the distance remains the same. It is a whole new game.

What’s NASA Rover up to this time?

First curiosity, now Perseverance. What’s NASA Rover up to this time? Interest is more like a laboratory on legs, while Perseverance here will be a geologist.

The other expenditure aimed at finding signs of any habitat, underground water, and even symptoms of the ocean on the now-barren surface of Mars while Perseverance will be looking for signs of life itself.

Perseverance is a trial technology that may one day pave the path for humans to walk on the red planet. Not only will it try to convert carbon dioxide present in the atmosphere of Mars into oxygen, but will also try to pick-up strange and worldly sounds present.

Mars may not be the closest planet to Earth, but it is one with most similarities, which makes scientists and researchers that it is more likely to harbour life.

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